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August 4, 2018 admin 0 Comments

SEO Update,

Google is once again swinging their big old Ban Hammer that penalizes websites that are not PROPERLY SEO OPTIMIZED. Starting August 1st, 2018  and continuing for a week or so at least, we will be witnessing a “big” core update from Google’s algorithm.

Google Message From Twitter…

Also Google says “there is NO fix IF your website is impacted.”

Is your site dropping? Hang Tight

It’s way too early to to judge what Google has changed. Just because you see your site slipping down in rankings, does not mean it will stay down, expect to see bouncing up and down for at least another week.

Kelowna SEO Update..

Not a single seo client of ours has seen anything but increases in rankings.  We have one client who just recently moved to a brand new design and hosted with us that is bouncing because Google is still judging using the old slow host and poor design, and the new design and our lightning fast hosting, but everyday things are looking better.

From what I see,

This update has nothing to do with spam or grey area backlinks like blog networks or even links from sites without traffic.

Just the opposite, I am seeing grey area type sites going up in the searches. And these grey area type sites are doing better than most sites that just try to get their links organically.

Again, nothing solid yet since it’s too early to tell.

Here’s my personal take on websites that are impacted so far:

  • Sites that have thin, low-quality content across many pages.
  • Sites with very few good quality related sites/pages linking to them.
  • Sites with poor on-page SEO.

Kelowna SEO Help

If you are serious about your online presence and want to profit from top Google ranking then contact Kelowna SEO today as we still have room for a few more clients.